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Enhance your gym experience with AI. Automate the data recording process of your workouts. Learn insights like never before. Receive instant feedback during your training and enjoy tailored analytics in real time.

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Enhance your training with real-time analytics

Improving your training results from analytics may seem hard to imagine, but having access to information which only athletes have will significantly improve your progress.

Automatically process your workouts

Workout journals are important, keeping a detailed log of your workout is painful. But with DUMAGUS, it will be as simple as going to the gym and exercise.

Dive deeper into strength and conditioning analytics

We’re tracking, recording and processing everything you do in the gym from so you can have maximum insight for maximum performance.

Adaptable workout plan for you

One of our industry game-changers is being able to generate a workout plan which adapts based on your historical performance in line with your workout objectives.

How it Works

We retro-fit the gym equipment with small sensors which stream data to the cloud. Our advanced AI digests this data and produces actionable easy-to understand insights which inform the users about the quality of their training in real-time.

This information will enable personal trainers, coaches of sports teams, bodybuilders and regular gym-goers to get the most out of training and out of stagnation.

Who can benefit from DUMAGUS

Anyone and everyone who cares about their strength and conditioning. Both gyms and gym enthusiasts can benefit from the use of AI. Gyms can benefit from analytics, branding and a sharp technological edge from the competition. Gym enthusiasts are able to enjoy information which have only been previously available to elite athletes.


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About Us

We are a start-up company based in London. We are a team of tech and gym enthusiasts who want to revolutionize the gym industry.

We plan to achieve this by combining our advance knowledge in: Neural Networks, Robotics, Big Data and Sport Science